About Us

In My Yard is on a mission to create an online community where Tradespeople and DIYers can help one another, whilst helping to reduce waste and its impact on the environment.

Our Story

In My Yard is the brainchild of 2 hardworking landscapers from Surrey.

Frustrated with the choice and availability of low cost materials, machinery, tools and equipment locally, plus the large amount of wastage from site, they decided to create an online marketplace for Tradespeople with 3 specific goals in mind:


Bringing the Trades Community together

Putting money back in your pocket/saving you money

Reducing the impact of construction waste on the environment

Why In My Yard?

Anyone can benefit from In My Yard;

You might be selling a few leftover rolls of turf at the end of a turfing job, replacing an old patio and looking for some new porcelain slabs, or perhaps you need a new digger and are looking to sell your old one?

Has your company just released a new range of tiles, or do you have some old stock from last year that you are selling off for a discounted price? If so, IMY has a commercial membership with an online store to help you reach more customers. 

Maybe you're a DIYer and looking for some low-cost fence panels to replace those blown down in the wind, or you might be searching for a supplier of roof tiles in your area? IMY is here to help and hopefully save you some money too!

But it doesn’t have to be all about the money…

IMY is also there for Tradespeople to help each other out. You might have some pallets leftover from a job that another Tradesperson or DIYer could use to store some items or even use to make furniture with. No need to burn or put them in a skip, simply pass them on for free to help someone in need.

IMY aims to bring a friendly community of like-minded people together and we look forward to welcoming you onboard!

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